POWER Development Hosting

Red Hat in the Czech republic, Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology and IBM Linux Technology Center have partnered to provide access to POWER based servers to enable an open platform for innovation to the open source community.

The community members can use these POWER resources to develop and test open source projects on the the Power Architecture.  These resources are not necessarily suitable for performance testing, but rather to provide a possibility for functional development and testing.

The lab which is made available for the community can currently provide access to POWER8 hardware, which can run in both little and big endian code.  Most projects will get access to virtual KVM machines, but there is also a possibility to apply for bare-metal access on a shared system where that is truly needed.  All projects which gets granted access will start with a small quota, but depending on resource availability and project justification this can be increased.

To request access to a POWER server, please use our request form and we will get back to you with further details.